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Anthropologie's Wedding Line


Did anyone else get the email about Anthropologie's new wedding line BHLDN? I loved the colors and the small glimpses of styling that it presented. I am looking forward to seeing everything they have to offer on February 14th. But for now here are a few of my favorite styles so far. You can find more sneak peak images here.



Happy weekend!

We have lots to do this weekend. Sort of anxious to see if I can get it all done. I Thought I would leave you with some of the wedding shots that we never got a chance to share. We had Natalie take these the day before so that we could have more time on our actual wedding day to just enjoy being wedded.
Dress: J.crew
Suit: Custom made by Duchess
Shoes and Jewelry: Anthropologie
Flower in hair: Forever 21


Our DIY Wedding Details


Conor and I wanted to do everything ourselves or let close friends help us out. We wanted everything to mean something or be unique in some way. We spent the summer collecting vintage dishes and blue glass jars from antique stores. His grandmother embroidered our napkins, and they are now my prized possessions. I had a close friend do my hair. My sister (beautiful and talented) made our ring pillow and placed it in an old book for us. My mom's friend made the cake and our neighbor down the street offered to man our ice cream cart. The food was made by a close friend who also happens to be a professional chef. My mom spent her summer days making jars of homemade jam for each guest to take home and I stamped each tag with our initials. We also happen to be friends with Natalie Norton (which makes selecting a photographer EASY). There was not a single person involved in our day that we did not have a close connection to. It was beautiful.



e+cblog_057e+cblog_036e+cblog_063e+cblog_023e+cblog_043e+cblog_029e+cblog_050e+cblog_018e+cblog_054e+cblog_009e+cblog_046e+cblog_031e+cblog_019e+cblog_021e+cblog_012e+cblog_025e+cblog_053e+cblog_001e+cblog_035blogfinalThe lovely and talented Natalie Norton put some of our wedding pictures up on her blog today. See more photos here.


If I were to do it again...


Sources: oncewed.com, martha stewart weddings, and wee wedding cakes
I guess I don't really miss planning a wedding, but I do wish I could get married again. (To the same person everyday, of course). If I were to do it all over again I think I would make it even more simple than my already simple backyard wedding. Conor would make the cake and we would have lots and lots of strawberries and raspberries to munch on.



honeymoon - Anthro swim suit and dress, Pendelton Woolen Mills bag, left photo Trio Restaurant, right photo patio at Ace Hotel

I never got to blog about our awesome honeymoon. We got married, went on our honey moon, had a second reception in California and moved to Hawaii all in two weeks. It's hard to remember much of anything that happened in that time period but as I was looking over some of our pictures tonight I got a huge smile on my face. Our honeymoon was awesome! No one got sick, no one had their period and nothing got stolen- all just horror stories I always seem to hear about honeymoons. We ate out, laid by the pool, ate ice cream in bed and... well... ummm. Anyways, we had a great huge condo at a resort in Palm Desert for the week but for one night I convinced Conor to stay with me at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. I must admit I was lured in by their branding/design collateral/business identity bla bla bla. I just like the feel they've got going on. The room was a little disappointing compared with our big beautiful suite but it was fun for a night. The pool was a party zone and music was blaring till 1 am. I'm glad I finally got to see what all the fuss was about.
Picture 2
And because I love Ace Hotel's design scheme so much I couldn't help but put all of my pictures in a tiled box just like they do.


California Wedding Reception

Photography by Gillespie Photography
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Awesome Wedding Invite

I love these. I found them Here.


The Announcement

Designing wedding announcements is a blast, until you have to design your own... and then it is terrifying. I put way too much pressure on myself and then finally I just had to go with one idea. I was inspired by all of the flowers that Grandma Wilde (Conor's grandma) had embroidered on to all of our napkins. And of course Conor LOVES feathers so we had to tie that in some how. I think they turned out alright. IMG_0246IMG_0232


Engagement Pics