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Odd Fellows

This last Saturday was such a treat. Just a simple day spent with my family eating out, exploring our city, cleaning up our little house and meeting friends at the park. It's been quiet on the blog lately because the last month has not been such a treat. Well, not that it hasn't been sweet - it's just been chaotic and busy...

After accepting the art director position at Verily I quickly realized I had a lot to learn! and there is a lot more that goes in to directing a magazine than I previously thought! I've had to learn so much about communication. Working on a team with 5 other women forces you to learn everyone else's communication styles in order to work harmoniously together. It also forces you to be way more direct than you ever (EVER) wanted to be. I find myself writing 2 sentence emails with no punctuation and pushing send with out thinking twice about it. Before, in my freelance career, I used to vacillate over every word, every use of punctuation.. wondering if the recipient would get the wrong idea, wondering if they would think I was angry or not understand that I actually was angry but trying to be polite! ha! Now? I just write the damn thing and push send! No time for second guessing!

I've also had to learn how to manage people. I have a graphic designer who helps me layout the magazine and I just recently hired an intern to help me run the visual content on the Verily website (the website I've been re-designing for the past month, you'll see it soon!) I've never been anyone's boss or mentor before so this is a totally new ball game for me. I'm finding that I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. The girls I work with are incredible! But this is not to say that learning how to MANAGE has not been CA-RAZY!

Aside from my busy new job - Conor recently quit his job which moved us to Texas in the first place and accepted a new position at a new company. We are staying in Dallas which is good but him changing jobs was scary and hectic. In the end it turns out it is so much better for our family. Conor is so much happier at his new job and it makes all the difference in our home. We now have a nanny working for us 5 mornings a week (who by the way is the reason I can wake up in the morning, god bless her!) And all of this is why we are now able to spend Saturdays lazily brunching at places like Odd Fellows and exploring Dallas - a city that we have lived in for 6 months and until this past week I saw very little of. We weren't spending much time together because Conor's job forced him to work 24/7 and any free time he had to watch Henry I spent working on my freelance projects. I think we are glad those days are behind us.

I hope to be blogging more moving forward but I am finding that a lot of my energy is going in to staying organized for work and taking care of my two boys. I mean just take a look at that tired daddy (up above) and that happy lime munching baby and tell me you wouldn't want to skip everything else in life to hang out with them too!?  And then there is this gem of a photo (below) that I somehow snapped accidentally. I know it is blurry but it reminds me of something I would pull out of an old Polaroid land camera... the colors, the sun spots... that tiny little face peeking over his daddy's shoulder! It's everything. 


We are pizza people

We decided that we wanted to find the best pizza place in Dallas. Every weekend we have been going to a new pizza place and trying it out. So far I think our favorite place is Serious. The pictures above were taken at Eno's which was pretty good too but we liked Eno's more for the ambiance than the pizza. Pizza is also a pretty affordable date night for families trying to save money - you know, pay the bills, buy diapers, save for your kid's college?! We usually order one pizza for the three of us to share and an appetizer. We don't drink so water is just fine for us. Our bill has been less than $20 every weekend! What's your favorite pizza date?


Eating Dallas

I started a new feed on Instagram called #eatingdallas. If you are in the Metroplex and you happen to be eating something really tasty share it with the rest of us! I've said it before and I'll say it again - I am here for the food. "Here" being pretty much wherever I am. I love eating out and trying new restaurants! So, let me know where and what is the best in Dallas! I plan on periodically doing some instagram mash ups of people's photos as they start to tag them.

Also - I just can't not say anything on my blog about this last Friday's tragedy. It's got me in a real funk. I know I need to continue to look for the beauty in the world and not give in to despair but that really made my heart hurt. Something that I learned from my best friend after she lost her baby to Cystic Fibrosis is that you cannot compare grief. While this situation is definitely very horrible and more visible than a lot of other situations - everyone is fighting a hard battle and we need to remember to be kind to others. Love. Love and forgive as much as we can. That is where the beauty is. And that is how we can do our small part to help in the healing process after such sadness. That is what I will be working on this week. More than I'd like to admit I need to forgive and forget and let the tiny beautiful things that life has to offer shine. And just love.  



This was our first Thanksgiving alone. Well, I guess I shouldn't say alone, we had each other. But it was our first Thanksgiving with no friends and no family. Just the three of us. We made a nice table and we had a feast but to be quite honest we were a little down all day because we miss our people a lot right now. We have quite a bit to be thankful for and our people are at the top of that list. We did our best to celebrate but the day was long and we had a hard time filling it without thinking of what we might be doing if only we were home.

At the table Conor decided he was too hot and took his shirt off. Then he decided Henry was also too hot and took his shirt off as well. It made me laugh and think back to the good old days in Hawaii where shirts were always optional - even at thanksgiving dinner - and I felt happy again in that moment. I love my boys and I am the most most most thankful for them! 


Halloween 2012

I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween! Yesterday, we bought a house in Dallas! We officially live in Texas... we still can't really wrap our minds around it yet. After we signed the papers we went to our new home to dress up and celebrate Halloween with our little Dalai Lama. And yes I shaved my head. :) Actually, that's a lie. I really wanted to but Conor convinced me to keep my hair. It's just makeup. 


Deep in The Heart Of Texas

I shoved a French fry in my mouth as tears ran down my cheeks. I choked back ugly sobbing noises, smeared black streaks of makeup all over my face and shoved another fry in my mouth. People were staring. We moved outside to sit on the completely vacant patio in the 104 degree heat so I could have a proper meltdown. "I hate myself, I hate you, and I HATE Dallas!" I said. My hamburger tasted like cardboard. I was frustrated with how the day went and that we couldn't find a house we both liked in a neighborhood that was decent. That and a million other things on my plate were bothering me. We are moving. Again. This time to Dallas. Far from anything or anyone I have ever known and to be totally honest I still haven't really healed from my last move. I still want to run back to Hawaii everyday.

I hope you don't think that we say, "hate" in our marriage a lot. Because we don't. Actually never. I just really didn't know how to express how frustrated I was with the way things were going and I felt too terrible inside to hold it in any longer. Conor ate silently and tried to think of calming things to say to me but never said any of them. I guess he knew I just needed to let it out. We have both been dealing with a lot lately and watching me disintegrate right before his eyes was probably not what he needed at the moment. But, moving is hard. Change is hard. and Dallas is huge! When we finished eating Conor cleaned Henry up, wiped the makeup off my face and put us all in the car. We drove around the city in silence. He reached over and held my hand and as I started to tell him that I was so embarrassed about the way I was acting he told me he loved me.

That night we made a list of all of the houses we really wanted to see, contacted a new realtor (because our last one could not have been more condescending and unreasonable) and vowed to look at the glass half full instead of half empty from then on. We got off to a rough start but the truth is we both want to move to Dallas. We decided together that that would be the best for our family. No one forced us to do it. But sometimes the best move is the riskiest. And that can be scary horrifying. We love the ocean. We love surfing and being around friends and family. But we love each other more than anything else in the whole world and with our current situation we just are not able to spend much time together and when we do it is stressful. Life is too short. Way too short to be living the way we are - going a mile a minute and never really stopping to enjoy the little things. So off to Dallas we go... and truthfully after being there a few days (and eating that fried chicken with waffles) it didn't really seem so bad.

I called my mom while still on the trip to get some perspective and some advice. She is always full of lovely and encouraging things to say and also happens to make me laugh my head off at the same time. She would shoot me dead if I wrote anything she ever said on this blog for the whole world to see, but let's just say her perspective had a little something to do with me being in the prime of life and needing to "find my balls" and show them to the world. She really does give one heck of a pep talk. So for the rest of the trip that was our motto. Show the world what you are made of! Take no prisoners! And we did. And we will continue to do so because life is too short to just take things as they come and feel sorry for yourself. I need to remember that I wrote that on my blog next time I start to do that.