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Recent Project - Woodnote Photography

I am getting ready to launch my new website soon, which means getting together all of my recent work to put into the new portfolio layout. It has been fun to go back through recent projects and also exhausting at the same time. I loved working on this branding project with Woodnote Photography - such a fun, interesting, full of life, power house team! 

Woodnote Photography is a husband wife team. They came to me wanting something different and exciting that really represented who they are - fun, energetic, silly and in love. They are friends with and admire the talented photographers behind Shark Pig and really liked the idea of the hybrid animal. Knowing we couldn't use a hybrid animal to represent Woodnote (because that would be copy-catting, and not cool) we had to think of our own solution - something that was fun, quirky and visually pleasing. After having the couple write out their tagline - "Caroline+Jayden, Wife+Husband, American+Australian, Photographer+Photographer" We decided to make a little hybrid of them. I had a lot of fun positioning their images together to make quirky little iconic images to paste up all over their brand elements. They compliment each other very nicely if you ask me! Once we got done putting together the graphic icons we decided to incorporate the thin black line that appeared to separate them in to their logo and in to their tag line. The thin black line is where they come together. It's what makes them unique from the other and it's where they meet in the middle. I really like how it all turned out!  

I seriously can't wait to see where this couple goes! They are already doing some pretty freaking amazing things in the photography world! I just adore this couple! If you are not familiar with their work go check it out and fall in love with life all over again! I promise, they will make you want to! 


Cassidy Parker Smith

Wow! What a week! We have all been sick over here! It's tough to get anything done when babies are sick. But I wanted to share one of my latest projects! New York based photographer Cassidy Parker Smith was absolutely amazing to work with! We had a lot of fun putting together her branding and website! You can check out more in my portfolio or you can head over to her site right now to look at all of the work we put in together. And I just want to give a huge thank you to my developer Brandi! She is amazing and incredible at what she does! Anyway, hope everyone is having a better week than we are! and stay healthy! We will be seeing the doctor this afternoon for the second time this week! :( No fun! No fun at all!



I was incredibly ecxited to see the feature story that VSCO did on the Weaver House. Read the enitre feature here. The Weaver House girls put together the Emily Dickinson photo shoot for our June/July issue. These photos were really fun to work with and layout for the magazine so I was really excited when I saw them being featured over on VSCO blog.Being the art director for a print magazine was an incredible experience for me. Once these photos were recieved, I worked with the style editor to narrow down our final selections for the magazine (not an easy task because they were all so beautiful) and then I got to work laying out the images for print. I also worked with fellow design friend Eva Black to create a beautifully hand drawn title page and quotes that wove in and out of the elements in the photos.


Family Photos 2014

We recently had a very quick mini photo session with friend Heather Hawkins (who is amazing if you are in Dallas and looking for a photographer!) It was pretty fun to just quickly capture our little family on a sunny Tuesday morning. I will treasure these photos of me with my little boys forever! For our holiday card I had the top photo printed on heavy paper with "Happy New Year!" written across the top. I filled each envelope with large confetti and mailed them out a few days after Christmas. It was quick, easy and so much less stressful than trying to send out a Christmas card. New Years cards are the new Christmas card. Happy new year everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the first MONDAY of the year!! 


Spilled Milk

I've been invited to be part of a fun little photography project. Spilled Milk- is a collaborative photography blog. 18 mothers from around the world are prompted by a weekly theme reflecting some aspect of parenthood and the complexity and beauty that comes with raising our kids. I love looking at these beautiful pictures and thinking about how wonderful and exciting it really is to be a mom. 

Some days are hard. Sometimes the screaming and the crying make me want to scream and cry myself. If you have ever had days like this too (and if you never have, well, then I don't think you are human) read this blog post. It made me chuckle out loud to myself. I especially like the part when this parent talks about wanting to hold anyone under water who says, "enjoy every moment! it goes by so fast!" I hope it makes you laugh too... Because we have all heard someone say that. And we are trying to enjoy every moment, we really are! But some days are just plain hard! Because that's what being a mom is. Making a sacrifice for someone you love more than life. 

And then there are days like today. Conor and I took our shiny new bikes down to the lake for our first ride! We have been looking forward to getting bikes for some time now! Henry screamed and cried when we forced his Mickey Mouse helmet over his cute dumbo ears and buckled it under his squishy little chin. He somehow managed to get his legs up over his bike sit and kick me in the back during the entire ride. He cried and screamed in the car on the way to the farmers market. While at the market he ran away from us and hit small doggies in the face. We made one last stop at an estate sale on the way home and as Conor bargained for some new furniture I chased Henry all over the front lawn. Tired and out of breath I finally scooped him up kicking and screaming and started towards the house to tell Conor I couldn't take another second when an old man stopped me. I noticed that he had been watching me and as I got closer he said, "that was my favorite part of being a dad! and a grandpa! I loved chasing my kids and grandkids around.." Reliving his past as he watched me chase my crazy Henry around that lawn made this man smile bigger than the moon! It was as if I had taken him right back to the best days of his life. I could see it in his eyes. "My wife and I had 5 kids you know! and chasing them around like that was my favorite!" I said a few polite words and hurried along to find my husband. As we crossed the street to get into our car I saw him helping his cute little old wife down the stairs... no children with them, no grandkids at their heels. Just the two of them. I sat in the car and wept. 

Yes these days are hard! and they are long. And sometimes I'm pretty sure the best days of my life were in college when I was wild and free and everyone I lived with was over 21 - and I could sleep under the stars on the beach all night if I wanted to and not have to nurse anyone at 5:30 in the morning if I didn't want to! But when I think of all of this being history ... when I imagine Conor helping me down stairs because I am too old to do it myself, and all of our kids have kids of their own.. my heart aches for these long hard days! And I say a silent prayer that God will somehow make these days last forever. Now, writing this, I question my sanity a little. Because it is hard. But something inside me tells me I will be just like that old man someday. Yearning for the days that my babies were little. Wishing and willing to give up anything to go back to even the hardest day. 


Maternity Photos

Maternity photos with n.n. See more here. That first photo just might be my favorite photo of all time right now. Thanks Natalie for capturing such a lovely day with us! We are so thankful! Well, I'm off to get my cervix checked out y'all! Sounds fun right? Yeah, it really is (not!). But enough about that... here's a little song we have on our "birth mix" right now. So excited.
Nature and the Wreck by Mates of State on Grooveshark



Photos by Mark Holladay
Still living life. Still working hard. Still here, just not as often.


I got a man to stick it out

EJM1blogPhoto by Natalie Norton.

Happy weekend everybody! I'm declaring it the weekend a day early! This has definitely been a busy week for me. I have been up to my eye balls in design projects and I love it! Between working with Natalie and a few freelance projects I have been going going going. Ever notice how the busier you are the more organized and efficient you become? Give me one thing to do all week and I just might not get it done. Give me 50 things to do and I'll get it all done early and then some. Imagine mascara while your driving and laptops on the toilet. TMI? Yeah. So what? I'm making things happen!


Honeymoon: Conor's Film Camera


I love when Conor gets his film developed. There is always some little gem of a photo that becomes my favorite and I want to put it up everywhere. These photos are from our honeymoon to Palm Springs. Right now I am in love with that picture of our french toast- mostly because as I write this I am starving, but also because it was a DELICIOUS breakfast.





As many of you know I am now working with photographer Natalie Norton. While I don't want this blog to turn into the Natalie Norton show I do believe I will occasionally be sharing some of the things we are working on together. Two reasons: 1. to share more of my design work on this blog and 2. because I am excited about the things we are creating. I am really excited to be attending the Breathe workshop in Las Vegas this February. It is providing a lot of design opportunities within Natalie's photography business not to mention the workshop itself is going to be a great experience! It was originally a workshop for women with strong family values that wanted to thrive in their photography careers, however, it is applicable to all women who are striving to maintain balance between marriage/family and their small businesses (read graphic designers). To learn more about this great opportunity for women entrepreneurs click here.
And yes, all of the illustrations on Natalie's blog lately are my handy work. I am loving this new job!