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Instagram: Portland

I have been visiting my family in Portland for the last little bit before we settle in to our new place in Dallas. It has been so nice to see family and go around to all of my favorite old spots. Photos from left to right - 1. Visiting Sauvie Island pumpkin patch - we are not used to this Portland rain! 2. I attended an Etsy Photo Styling workshop at the Ace Hotel in downtown Portland hosted by Chelsea over at Frolic Blog. It is always nice to meet new creative people and learn a few tricks of the trade. 3. I met up with some friends from Kinfolk and had ice cream at Salt and Straw (one of my absolute favorites!) We also ate dinner at the little indian restuarant right next door, Bollywood Theater, and it was pretty awesome! I recommend it. 4. My niece and nephew in their home made costumes. Fantastic Mr. (and Mrs.) Fox - my sister is wildly talented and creative. She made both costumes the night before (even hand stamping the little red apples on Mrs. Fox's dress from a stamp she carved herself!) She puts me to shame! It has been a really nice week! 


And we'll all float on

As everyone can very well see I have been taking a bit of a break from blogging. For those of you looking for the usual mood board or "look for less" rest assured that those things will be back soon. I really can't stay gone too long, I love blogging and do it purely for my own satisfaction. However, things in my neck of the woods are kinda crazy right now - tears welling up in my eyes at the drop of a hat, all of my belongings on a slow boat to China, tempted to throw my phone into the ocean and dust off my hands forever kind of crazy. So I am just taking it easy on the old blog here. We are moving to California for the summer on Monday and where we will go after that we are still unsure. I am still doing weekly moodboard/web-roudups over on Dotcoms for Moms and you can always follow along on Instagram to see what we are up to - but for now we are just enjoying being a little family of three, soaking up every last bit of this island that we can and getting ready for the biggest adventure of our married lives thus far.

Also, thank you again to everyone who left kind comments for baby Holden and his parents (and for me for that matter). I got some truly touching emails as well, so thanks for those too! It's funny how much you can hate that something had to happen and at the same time find the beauty in it. We are so thankful for our friendship with Holden's parents (that is for sure) and so honored that we are among the few who got to hold that special little baby in our arms and tell him how much we love him. He truly was special and we will carry that treasured memory with us always. 


So Proud 

So proud of this guy! Congratulations on graduating! Can't wait to see what you are going to do next! Love you Conor! 


Henry is 4 months old

Baby Henry turned 4 months old this week. He is the center of our universe and we are more in love with him than we thought possible. Some things about this 4 month old that I do not ever want to forget:

At the Dr.'s office they weighed him and told us he is 19lbs. When I asked what percentile that put him in they looked dumbfounded. No percentile! Off the charts! 100+ percentile! - all the nurses chimed in at once! This baby is the size of an average 8 mo. old.

Henry looks deep into our eyes and smiles as bright as the sun these days. It feels like God himself smiling down on me. I love it. 

He is obsessed with his hands. He tries putting his fingers in his mouth in several different combinations before finally settling on the middle three fingers (from both hands) in his mouth at once. I think he has discovered this combination allows for maximum amount of fingers in the mouth. 

This baby constantly puts his feet in his mouth. Pulls off both of his socks and sucks on his big toes. Loves those chubby baby toes in his mouth. 

He has been going to sleep on his own in his crib without crying. We just lay him down with his sleep sheep on and he sucks on his fingers and babbles until he dozes off. Occasionally he sleeps through the night but is still getting up a few times a week in the middle of the night to eat. We don't mind - it gives us an excuse to cuddle and sleep with him in our bed. 

Has mastered the art of the high pitch scream. Not cute. 

Loves his mommy. Doesn't like being put down. Clings to my hair while I hold him. My hair is falling out. I think hair is a precious commodity these days and stare lustily at girls with long thick hair. They think I'm creepy. Especially when I reach out and touch it. 

Henry can almost roll over. He is turning and twisting and right on the verge but knows that he actually despises tummy time and so does not want to voluntarily put himself in that position. 

He also now despises his pacifier. I guess his fingers win every time?

Loves water. Loves swimming. Loves the beach. Take a big blanket and a big umbrella to the waters edge and Henry is a happy happy baby. Every time. 


Instagram: Prince Kuhio Day

Yesterday was a holiday. Not just any holiday but, Prince Kuhio Day. I have experienced 7 Prince Kuhio Days in Hawaii now and I still cannot tell you who Prince Kuhio is or what he did. (SAD!) Nevertheless, it continues to be one of my favorite holidays because it always comes right when I need it most. Yesterday, we went to the beach, surfed and played with friends. In the evening I told Conor I should probably do a little work/act responsible. He then asked me, "How many more Prince Kuhio Days do you think you have?!" (For those of you who missed the post announcing that we are moving in June - we are officially moving in June!) So, with a tear in my eye I sadly admitted that I may never have the opportunity to shirk my responsibilities all in the name of Hawaiian Royalty ever again and off we went to dinner and the skate park. 'Twas truly a wonderful day! 


Instagram - Hot Malasada

Last week was pretty rainy. We were getting a little stir crazy in the house so we went to the farm for lunch. We love eating at the far because all of the food is so fresh and yummy! Then we drove down the street to the Leonard's Truck and got ourselves some hot haupia filled pastries! So hot, soooo good. 



This is my new favorite photo of our family! I love these two and I love that they are mine! Happy Monday everyone! 


Instagram: San Diego

Conor and I flew in to San Diego Wednesday evening. It was Henry's first flight and he was awesome! He ate and slept and read a lot of magazines. Since we got here we have been having a whirlwind time - so many of our favorite people to see and so little time! Yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon with a couple of my best friends then, Henry met his two new cousins (that we think he might be able to eat?) and Conor took me to pick up the new surf board that he had shaped for my birthday (pictured above with Henry practicing a little hang ten). And then my sister flew in this morning! She makes me laugh more than anyone. And she just loooooooves Henry! Don't you love her face in that top left picture? It is pure joy!

P.S. check out the guest blog post I did over on Etsy - just some of my favorite little things. And check out some of my baby shower inspiration on Dotcoms for Moms.


Instagram - the week in pictures

This birthday week was pretty great. I ate at all my favorite places on the island - Haleiwa Thai formerly known as Haleiwa Eats (or Ha-Lou-A Cats if you're Pete Johnson AKA my dad), Kahuku Farm and Turtle Bay Resort. Conor took me to the spa to get my nails did and let me eat chocolate cake for breakfast! We also had a really fun BBQ outside with friends. We are venturing to Target today to buy a Bumbo! I know I have mentioned it before on the blog but Target is far away for us so going there is kinda a big deal! 


Instagram - the week in pictures

We had a really great week (minus the part where I thought I listened to my mom die in a car crash over the phone and nearly sank to my knees in hysterics*). Conor bought me roses just because, we made valentines together and spent the weekend at the beach where our good friends Jared and Caitlin watched Henry for us while we surfed together. It was so refreshing and wonderful to be out in the water again on a surfboard. Mondays are always brutal because it is the busiest day of the week and I just never want my weekend to be over! Time to work work work....

*I was talking to my mom on the phone when she was rear ended by someone going at least 60 mph, my mom of course was on her hands free cellular device and was paying attention to all of the slowing cars in front of her. The other girl? Probably texting or on the phone and not paying attention - pay attention people! My mom was whisked away to the hospital in an ambulance where they determined she had a pretty bad case of whiplash and a minor concussion but other than that she was completely fine. Thank goodness! However, knowing that your mom is driving home from work, hearing a terrible sound, your mom scream and then having the phone cut out can make you go pretty insane with worry!