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Chelsea Scanlan Photography

I recently had the chance to work with photorapher Chelsea Scanlan. I met Chelsea while still living in Hawaii and really loved her style and photography. I've watched her grow over the years and her stuff is just getting better and better and BETTER! Together we came up with the mood board above to really map out her style. Then we dove in to designing logos, banners, social media buttons, business cards and her blog. It was such an honor to work with her and I have loved every project we have done together. 

Chelsea has a very minimalistic style and approuch that is refreshing and inspiring all at the same time. We kept her business cards pretty simple with just black typography and then her name blind embossed in the middle. (Cards printed by Type A Press). Her photography is beautiful, joyful and just amazing! And we wanted her branding and blog design to just let the photography do all of the talking.

(all photos by Chelsea Scanlan)

Her approuch to blogging is also very simple and minimalistic. She wanted to have a space that was really clean and organized and allowed her to show her most recent work. I am so happy with how her site and branding turned out and I love visiting her blog and seeing the beautiful images she is creating! I seriously wish I still lived in Hawaii, for a lot of reasons, but one of them is defenitly because I wish I could have our family pictures taken by this talented lady!


Over the Weekend

 This weekend we had a picnic at our favorite beach spot. That chicken caesar salad that Conor made was Ah-mazing and the company was my favorite! And these pudgy little toes dancing on my face never get old!


Travel Hawaii: Hawaii on a Budget

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So, I recently said I was going to do some blog posts about what to do in Hawaii when you travel here. And because Hawaii can be pretty expensive I thought I would start out by doing a little post for the budget traveler. This would be a fun filled day that wouldn't cost you an arm a leg. Camp on the North Shore of Oahu in a yurt at Melekahana Beach park. Fall asleep listening to the waves crash against the shore. Wake up early and rent some long boards and surf right outside your yurt. Grab some lunch at one of the many delicious shrimp trucks along Kamehameha Highway on your way to Waimea Bay. Get your Maui Babe sun lotion on, lay out, play in the surf, jump off the big rock and swim across the bay. Head up the highway further to Haliewa and grab a shave ice and some dinner. On your way back to your little cozy beach yurt stop at Sunset Beach to watch the sun go down. As you drift off to sleep (tired and a little sun burnt) read a good book and dream of the next day to come! Sounds amazing right? Can't wait to share another awesome day in Hawaii with you! Until next time... 


So Proud 

So proud of this guy! Congratulations on graduating! Can't wait to see what you are going to do next! Love you Conor! 


Coming Up For Air

This afternoon I was able to take a break from all of the work I have been doing and get out for a while. It was so nice to take a big deep breath of fresh sea air and just kiss on ol' Henry for a few hours. We took a ride and ended up at Laie Point where we hung out and took some pictures. I was happily sad today - I live on one of the most beautiful islands on earth and I am undoubtedly moving soon (although we are totally unsure of where we will end up). Yay for me right now, sad for me in a couple of months. I decided as a fond farewell to my island friend I am going to start blogging little mini vacation tips for anyone heading this direction. A little insider's guide to all of the best restaurants, beaches, and fun things to do on the Island of Oahu. But until next week just feast your eyes on this gorgeous landscape and imagine that warm wind in your hair. It feels nice doesn't it?


Instagram: MLK Day

MLK Day started out a bit rocky. I know I have addressed my irrational fear of sharks on this blog before but Monday I think I took it to a whole new level. There was recently a great white spotted about 6 miles off the shore in our area. I watched the youtube video. Twice! Just to torture myself. So Monday, Conor woke up at 6 to go surfing, I partially roused my self out of a deep sleep to feed baby and in my groggy state thought I heard that great white shark whisper in my ear that he wanted to eat my husband for breakfast. Of course I didn't really hear a sharks voice but I could have sworn that shark's spirit was communicating with me. I begged Conor not to go out. I told him I had a really bad feeling about it. He continued to get ready paying little attention to my well informed warning. I told him that that shark was out to get him for sure and that I had it on pretty good authority. When he headed for the door I got all panicky and yelled at him that I loved him and that if I never saw him again that I at least wanted him to know that I loved him. Frustrated he pulled off his shirt and kicked off his shoes and laid back down next to me in bed. I could not for the life of me understand why he was annoyed - I was after all saving his life. You know on the show 24 when they ask each other how good the "intel" is? Well, I would have said my intel was pretty darn good! That shark attack was imminent and I stopped it from happening. 

We ended up having a lovely day in spite of my kookie shenanigans. We grabbed burgers and shakes and went to the beach for Henry's first dip in the ocean. Conor did end up surfing that day and that great white left him alone but now I have a cute new pet name - Shark Whisperer. 


Hopelessly Addicted To Instagram - Impossibles Pizza Truck


We love stopping by the Impossibles Pizza truck, getting a huge slice of pizza and then it eating while watching the big waves on the North Shore. This was Henry's first time as Sunset Beach and I think he rather enjoyed himself.





Lately I am really into instagram. My username is erinjane85 - find me! It is THE single most entertaining thing I can do while nursing. I know, I know... everyone is sick of hearing about me nursing. But, that is my life these days. This week however, we did manage to go to the beach, watch daddy surf, eat sushi to celebrate the new year and baby turned 1 month old! Wow, the time went by so fast!!


Wish List No. 2 (For Conor)


Pants, Shoes, Movie, Fin, Board (he actually shaped one himself with Matty Raynor - this is just a photo he pulled up of a board), Shirt




surfsurf3surf4Spent the weekend at the beach. Boys surfed while girls ate ice cream pie in the sun. I ventured into the ocean only to find that my body doesn't work the way it used to. I can't dodge big waves like a normal person... needless to say I ended up awkwardly sprawled out with limbs in the air. Lovely. Also humiliating - the urge to pee and not being able to get all the way in the water. This leaves me with no choice but to let it run down my leg. "La la la nothing to see here... just peeing my pants, I promise I'll wash it off later." Too much info? Sorry.