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A Family Christmas Wish List

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So, like I said before these wish lists are not our reality. We will be getting one or two of the things on our wish lists. We (and by we I really mean me) just really like to daydream and put together visual wish lists like this for fun. So Henry really is getting the cow this year. I took him to the toy store and let him play around with a few different "walkers" and this was by far his favorite, plus I guess the horns taste pretty good or something because he kept going back to have a little lick. :) I also recently discovered that my baby boy LOVES making cookies. He is proficient at mixing and excellent at taste testing. Since we last made cookies together he has been dragging my hand mixer around behind him by the cord everywhere he goes like he is walking a dog.

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This year I want more things for my home than ever before. Probably because this is the first year that we have actually had a real home of our own. I want to decorate! I want to clutter the place with my little collections and make tons of food in this house. I want a million plants and a million art projects. I want Henry's toys to have a home in every room. I can't wait to wake up one day and look around and feel like I can say to myself, "Yes! We really made this house our own!" It helps that as I type this Conor is painting the office. Behind me over the ugly blue/teal walls in fresh crisp white letters he has painted, "I love you!"1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

And then there is Conor. He is really simple. Just get him some pistachios and Dr. Pepper and this guy could be happy all year! God bless him! I'm excited for him to get that American Flag and frame it and hang it in our office. It is going to look really good. Oh, and for the record Conor did not tell me he wanted a hose. I told me he wanted a hose and then proceeded to pick out the perfect color. I also can't wait to see him watering our plants! :)