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Need Read Greed

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This week's Need Read Greed is by Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative and the blog Jeremy & Kathleen. I met Kathleen at Design Life 2012 this last summer in Palm Springs and was instantly drawn to her. She smelled like patchouli (which is a scent I love so much I want to name a little girl after it and call her Patch for short) and talked about working as a graphic designer in a really empowering, energetic, inspiring way! Plus she's funny as hell! So, she smells good, she's smart, and she's funny...yep that's someone I want to be friends with! Since Design Life we've had a chance to catch up and talk about collaborating on some exciting ventures and I am so excited that Dallas is not far from her home town of Oklahoma City. Oh, and if you are an entreprenuer or getting ready to launch your own little business sign up for some of Kathleen and Tara's (Tara is Kathleen's beautiful sister) E-Courses. I just finished one and LOVED it! Here is a little bit about each of her picks for the week:

Bodum Tea Press - I recently made the switch from a French pressed coffee every morning to a cup of tea. It would be nice to have a little tea press.

Be Here Now - One of my yogi friends insisted I read her copy of Be Here Now. The first half is this bizarre documentation of Ram Dass and his life - from a Harvard professor taking LSD with Timothy Leary to his adventures in India. Then it goes into this collection of radically designed metaphysical free form spreads on kraft paper. The whole book is so fascinating.

Block Shop Textiles Scarf - I actually purchased on of Lily and Hopie Stockman's scarves for myself at Christmas time. But I can't help but want another! They're so light, airy, comfy and beautiful.  

PS - I just want to say thank you for all of the encouraging words about Henry not sleeping. All of those mothers out there going through this same thing I really feel for you!  I guess I always feel like I have to follow all of my "my baby doesn't sleep" complaints with, "but I seriously love him so much! and I am so thankful that I have him!" Because I am. I am so so so thankful! and I know you other moms fighting this battle are so thankful too! I recently had a friend point out to me that challenges are always easier when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and this is just one of those things that doesn't have a delivery date. When Henry will finally get the hang of sleeping is unknown and that's probably one of the hardest aspects of this challenge. But again I just want to say I count my blessings every single night and he is always at the top of that list. 

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